How Well Do Face Masks and Safety Goggles Protect Against Bacterial Contaminants?

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Harmful particles released into the air such as droplets, splashes, airborne particles, body fluids, splatters, and more can lead to severe infection and illness. It is always better to take a preventive measure alongside personal hygiene to keep your health and safety needs in place, especially in the contaminated or risky areas.

When working in hazardous areas such as industrial applications, chemical industry, medical facilities, etc., a person is likely to be exposed to flying objects, particles, and toxins, having personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, face mask or any coverings could be an effective option.

But do these protective gear offer maximum protection? What are they exactly? And When to use them? Read on to obtain a clear understanding.

How Much Protection do Face Mask Provide?

When someone sneezes, coughs, or even talks, there might be chances that germs, dirt, and bacteria can be released into the air or surroundings, a face mask can help to block the transmission of viral and bacterial contaminants.

While surgical masks are in short supply and should be reserved for healthcare professionals and front-line workers, custom printed face masks are easy to find and can be washed and reused. They are generally made of tightly woven cotton and breathable material, equipped with multiple layers of fabric for extra protection against viruses and bacteria.

How Much Protection do Face Mask Provide?

Why is Eye Protection Necessary?

Chemicals, pollutants, and harmful agents can enter eyes while working in risky areas such as laboratory, workplace, and home which may cause infection and illness. Any health hazard can occur through direct exposure to respiratory droplets, blood splashes, and from touching the eyes with contaminated fingers or objects. Thus, safety glasses alongside shield or face covering is important to attain maximum protection against bacteria.

You can opt for protective goggles that come with anti-fog wide-vision, anti-scratch coating, good visual effects, effective UV blocking, soft-edge design, and adjustable elastic head belt. The anti-fog glasses don’t only give you a clear vision but also offer effective eye protection from chemical splashes.

When You Should Wear Face Mask and Safety Goggles?

When You Should Wear Face Mask and Safety Goggles?

It is advisable to wear a face mask in areas like grocery stores and pharmacies where social distance is difficult to maintain. A face mask and protective goggles are best suited for risky or contaminated environments such as workplaces, laboratories, industrial applications, medical centers, and even home. Individuals who are concerned about being safe when walking outside their homes can wear these protective gear to keep viral and bacterial contaminants away.

Now that face masks and protective goggles became a crucial gear, it’s time to stock up so that you can protect yourself, your family, and the entire community from contagion.

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