What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is a blueprint for your clothing design.  It explains how we can make the design from your ideas.  This is the best way to manufacture fully custom branded clothing.  It may include drawings, technical sheets, measurements, artwork files, and label design.  If you do not provide a manufacturer with a tech pack (as well as size grading if doing multiple sizes), then the manufacturer will have to “eyeball” your design an guess how large or small it is.  In this case, don’t expect your actual product to look 100% exactly as you have in your mind.  That’s impossible.

In some cases, a simple tech pack that includes the measurements of your artwork and the artwork files is sufficient.

However, you may be detail oriented and want us to copy the look and feel of a certain garment you are already producing or one in your closet.

In these cases, we prefer that you ship us a sample that we may copy in terms of fabric and size.

The most important things we need to know as a manufacturer are the material and the logo sizes.  If sizes of logos and fit of garments is important to you, you must provide those to us.

We recommend using a professional tech pack maker, which can be found on here.

We understand that making a tech pack is not easy and can be tricky for new clients. Other factories may just ask you to send the design without a tech pack being needed. However, this can be a dangerous road to go down. Small issues will become big issues when it comes to logo placement, colors, sizing, etc. The true professional way to have apparel created correctly is by making a tech pack for your manufacturer.

Tech Pack Examples (for reference only)