-Once the order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded under any circumstances, even if you are unhappy with the final product. After initial payment, we will special-order materials to make the order. If you want to cancel the order, your initial payment (deposit) may not be refunded, as it represents the costs of materials, labor, and our consulting time. if you are unhappy with our sample and want to cancel the order, a maximum of 50% of the total order cost may be returned to you at our discretion. We value our consulting time at atleast 50% value of the total order.

-The physical goods will be made according to tech packs provided by the customer (you). However, the physical end product that you receive may not be exactly like the tech pack due to material availability. For example, pantone color codes cannot be matched at 100% accuracy, due to the fact that threads, ink, and fabric are not manufactured according to exact Pantone color codes. We will match them as closely as reasonably possible.

-Quantity is accepted + / – 3% Tolerance per shipment. If we under-ship, we will make-up the balance for the following order

-Once the goods have finished, we will send you images of the product. If you confirm that we made the product correctly, you may pay the remaining balance of your invoice.

-In the unlikely event that there is a major error on the items which makes them completely unsellable, they may be re-made. Minor errors may be discounted at our discretion. If you do not want to be charged for new items, you may ship the existing items back to us (shipping covered by the customer) or we will give a discount on the defective items, while charging full price for new ones.

-If measurements of a logo, label, or garment are important to you, you must provide those exact measurements before the order is placed.  We are not able to make items exactly like mock-ups you provide us.  We need exact measurements.  We cannot “eyeball” sizes based on pictures.  If you do not provide us with exact measurements of logos, we will not be held responsible if those logos are bigger or smaller on the actual product, than on your virtual mock-up.  There is also a tolerance of 2-3 centimeters on measurements of logos, garments, and accessories.

-Full orders take an average of 4-7 weeks to arrive, but in rare cases can be delayed if materials are out of stock and need to be ordered. Therefore, a guaranteed ETA cannot be made unless otherwise stated on the invoice. If the order is delayed beyond 7 weeks, the initial deposit is still non-refundable if the client requests to cancel the order.

-Sample orders take an average of 1-3 weeks to finish, depending on the difficulty of design. In some cases they can take longer.  If the sample is not made to your satisfaction, we will re-make it once a full bulk order is placed. Delays may happen if material used to make the sample is not in stock. Refunds will not be issued if the order is delayed.

-If this order is for a sample, it will not include labels or any decoration that requires a mold, unless the mold fee is paid upfront. Fabric color and texture may vary based on what is available on hand.

-The original deposit of the full order is non-refundable. Any remaining amount shall be paid within 2 weeks of the finish date.

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