Here are some examples of socks we have manufactured.

Step 1: Send us an image of the style you like. If you don’t see a style you like, please send us an image of the type of product you want us to make, along with your logos, quantity, sizes, and preferred fabric weight (in GSM).

Step 2: We will give you a quote and likely ask further information.

Step 3: We will send you an invoice for the sample once we have enough information. The sample set-up cost starts at $50+, due to set-up, fabric cutting, and labor fees.

Step 4: If you approve the sample, we will then send an invoice for 50% cost of bulk production.  

Step 5: Once production finishes, we will send you an invoice for the final 50% payment.  Then ship out directly to you.

Sublimation Print

Our prices include all-over full color print

Woven socks

Our most popular style

Any Fabric

Please ask if you need a specific fabric

Woven Labels

$100 flat fee for up to 500 labels

Our factories also work with some of the world's premier brands, including...

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabric are your custom socks made from?

Our custom socks are made from cotton if you prefer a woven logo or they may be made with polyester if you prefer a sublimation printed logo or logos.

Are there any design limitations?

We cut and sew our custom-made from scratch. We can make any design imaginable.There are very few design limitations when working with sublimation printing

Can you do large, kids, and custom sizing?

Yes, we can make any size. Since we custom-make our jerseys from scratch, there are no size limitations.However, sizes above XL will have a small extra cost, due to the additional fabric and ink required.That cost is usually $5 extra for each sizes above XL

What's the turnaround time?

1-2 weeks sample production time. 2-4 week averagebulk order production time, 3-5 days shipping. Please ask if you need a rush order. We may be able to get them to you faster.

Any fabric is possible. Any size is possible. Any shape is possible. Our socks can be made in 100s of different styles, including crew socks, ankle socks, cheerleading socks, baby socks, grip socks, basketball socks, volleyball socks, hockey socks, compression socks, wool socks, cycling socks, alpaca fur socks, fuzzy socks,  etc.