Authentic Manufacturing Co. is a completely custom manufacturing company. That means that we manufacture based entirely upon client requirements.

We would really like to help you out with samples! However, we recommend new clients ship us samples to copy when they are ready for a full order. The reason we prefer clients to ship us samples, is because every client wants something completely different. The best way for us to make sure quality and fabric is to our client’s liking is for the client to ship us a sample. We can find similar fabric pretty easily and reverse engineer the sample construction once we have the sample.

If you do end up ordering from us on a regular basis, we will be happy to make new samples if they are going to be made in bulk.

If you would like to physically check the quality of our production, local retail stores carry a lot of items we have produced. Our American-owned factory and partners have produced original authentic clothing and headwear for Mitchell and Ness and Marvel.

When these brands want prototypes, they usually just ship us samples, which we will then recreate. That’s usually the easiest way to work. If you would like more information, you may email us at info@authenticmanufacturing or fill-out our quote form.