Wholesale Swabs

Name:Disposable Plastic Sterile Test Tube Swab
Material: Plastic and Cotton
Contents: Test Tubes+Swabs

a The tube is for maximum specimen protection and improved sample viability. The self-contained systems feature a centralized swab with extra-long shaft and a durable tube with preattached patient data label and tamper-evident seal.
b Single-swab systems have special hourglass tube design that helps prevent breakdown of the gel column during transport, minimizes undesirable bubbles and breaks in the gel and reduces the formation of air pockets that are harmful to fastidious bacteria.
c Special nitrogen-flushed airtight packaging and Vi-Pak outer foil wrap help maintain media freshness and prevent dehydration.

d The disposable sampler consists of a test tube, tube plug and a cotton swab. The test tube and tube plug are made of high molecular materials.