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We can make just about anything. Try us! We have a full-fledged cut and sew factory which has made many kinds of clothing for U.S. and European brands. We can make standard and high quality apparel for your organization or brand.If you need to make multiple products, please separate them by commas, e.g. t-shirts, snapbacks, beanies, backpacks.
For example, Beanies $10, Backpacks $30 , jerseys $20, etc. Your budget determines the quality of materials that will be used to produce your product. We will guarantee you the lowest price for quality at any budget level, but we need to start with budget to understand what we can afford to produce for you.
This is the total number of pieces you want to order. If you need to make multiple products, please separate them by commas, e.g. t-shirts-100, snapbacks-200, beanies-200, backpacks-100. The minimum order varies based on complexity
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    If you have a virtual mock-up or tech pack that includes your designs and measurements of your logos, please upload here. If you do not have this, please have one made. They are not expensive to have made. Try this link https://authenticmanufacturing.com/custom/tech-pack-design/
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