Minimum order may be 1,000 to 10,000 depending on the product. We are currently producing and contracting wholesale orders for the following masks

We do not have set price lists.  Raw material costs and capacity is changing daily in China.  We will try our best to provide you with fair pricing within your budget.



NIOSH Certified Dasheng Brand N95 Masks

FDA and NIOSH certified. 400k-700k masks per week production capacity, due to government regulations in PRC.


NIOSH Certified Makrite Brand N95 9500 Masks

FDA and NIOSH certified. 300k-500k masks per week production capacity, however, existing accounts are being served first.



Various Branded KN95

As a cost-effective alternative when N95’s are taking too long to produce, consider KN95’s. 1 million masks per day production capacity. CE certified N95 equivalent. The cost is lower than the N95, but does not have NIOSH certification.



3PLY Surgical and Non Surgical Masks

There are many kinds of 3PLY masks, so be sure to send us specs of the ones needed.  We source many kinds of masks if we don’t make them ourselves. All are FDA and CE certified.

Other masks options may be requested.  Below are some examples of other types of masks. Most are currently unavailable at wholesale, but please ask if there is a specific type needed.

Due to the current global shortage of medical supplies, especially in our home state of Michigan, we have ramped up production and sourcing of FDA approved N95 masks, 3PLY masks and other urgently needed medical supplies.  We also have direct sources for other CE and FDA certified medical supplies directly from factories that can make them and send them quickly.  

Certifications will be provided by request

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do the masks ship to us?

Once production finishes, we can air ship or sea ship.  Air shipping takes about 3-5 days and sea shipping takes about a month, but is cheaper in cost.  Cost of shipping varies based on the amount of masks ordered.

Can we make a custom logo on the masks?

Yes, we can print your logo on the masks and packaging, but this will take longer than buying the masks wholesale.  Please messages us if you need a custom logo on the masks.

Where are the masks made?

All of these masks are made in China. Our company has manufactured a wide range of products in China since 2011.
Many of our American staff live and work in China, while our financial headquarters is based in Grand Haven, MI

What's the turnaround time?

Many of the masks above are in stock and can be shipped right away.  Shipping by air takes about 3-5 business days.