Our Prices are guaranteed the lowest for high quality slides. If your supplier offers you lower prices, please let us know. Don't run away, because we may be able to beat their price and offer a faster turnaround time!

HIgh definition photorealistic digital UV ink

Your logos and artwork included on the straps, with unlimited color print.

1-3 weeks production time, 5-10 day average shipping

If you want multiple colorways, for example 20 pairs per color, the cost will be $1 extra per pair per additional colorway.

30 Custom Slides
$19 each
Black or white sole
Any Color Strap
Recycled Cushioned PVC
Full Color Strap Print
Heel Print +$1
2 Colorways (15 pairs each) +$1
60 Custom Slides
$16 each
Black or white sole
Any Color Strap
Recycled Cushioned PVC
Full Color Strap Print
Heel Print +$1
2 Colorways (30 pairs each) +$1
100 Custom Slides
$14 each
Any Color Sole
Any Color Strap
Recycled Cushioned PVC
Full Color Strap Print
Heel Print +$1
2 Colorways (50 pairs each) +$1
200 Custom Slides
$12 each
Black or white sole
Any Color Strap
Recycled Cushioned PVC
Full Color Strap Print
Heel Print +$1
Each additional colorway +$1

Slide Customization Options and Add-Ons

Heel Print

+$1/pair.Since there are grooves on our soles, the print on the heel will have a “vintage” effect as seen above.This is normal, but if you need a more solid effect, we recommend no heel print

Color Options

1st colorway is free (+$1 per pair for 2nd colorways). For orders under 100 slides, only Black/White is available.Orders over 100 slides can be other colors.

Velcro Slides

100 Pairs Minimum. +$2 per pair


One-time mold fee of $75 per size. We must make a special mold for each strap size that needs to be 3D embossed.This means that each size you order will require a mold fee. For example, if you order 3 sizes x $75 mold fee, the total mold cost is $275.However, you will not have to pay that mold fee again for re-orders.

we can do rush orders by request

Made from high quality 100% PVC (like Champion/Adidas slides).

Lowest Pricing in the Industry, Guaranteed. If you find a better price, we will beat it.

Call us anytime between 10 am-9 pm E.S.T. at +1-616-414-0510

Real-World samples of Custom slide sandals manufactured in our factory

Our factories also work with some of the world's premier brands, including...

Frequently Asked Questions


This is our size chart.  If you are ordering for a specific group of people who need the correct sizing, we recommend you start your order by ordering 20 pairs of slides, which will cost $19.99 and include 2 pairs of each size with your logos or designs printed anywhere on the straps, especially if you are planning on making a larger order for an event.  This will allow you to test the sizes to ensure you get the correct sizing on the larger bulk order.  We can finish 20 pairs within 1-2 weeks, plus 3-5 days shipping.  Please note, size mens 13 feet can commonly fit into a Mens size 12 slide. We are also able to make mens size 13, 14, 15, and 16, however, the total cost of slides will be +$3 per pair no matter how many of each size is ordered (minimum order 100 slides for sizes over Men’s 12).

Womens and Mens Sizing (Smaller Sizes will fit children.  Please measure the length of your feet to ensure the correct fit.)

Kids Sizing:

What are your slides made from?

Unlike most slides manufacturers, we use a special recycled PVC, which has a cushioning, soft feel and is 100% waterproof.  Most slides makers use a cheap EVA or PU material, which is lighter, but not as soft.  Others use a non-recycled PVC, which is similar to our recycled PVC, but less sustainable.

For orders of 100 or more slides, we also have options for PU and EVA materials if this is necessary for your project.

What is 3D Embossing?

3D embossing is when a metal mold is made to press the strap of the slides to make a 3D effect of the artwork.These metal molds have a one-time cost to create of $75 per size.Each slide size has a different size strap.So, if you order 4 different slide sizes, the embossing fee will be $75 x 4 sizes = $300.This cost is added to the costs of the slides.However, mold costs are only one-time fees.If you re-order the same slide design, you will never have to pay this mold fee again.

Can you do rush orders?

We can do rush orders on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. Please call us at 616-414-0510 if you are in need of a rush order to be delivered in under 2-3 weeks.

What our slides offer that our competitors’ do not

-Permanent Full Color UV Print on the strap that will never crack or fade
-Eco-Friendly recycled PVC
-Soft-cushioned sole, not the hard ones that hurt people’s feet.
-Sturdy, heavy outsole, not the flimsy and light ones made of cheap EVA or PU Material
-100% waterproof and sweat proof
-Machine Washable

Other Styles below can be custom-made for orders of 500 pairs or more


Custom Slides – Sustainable, Comfortable, and Stylish

Are you looking for wholesale custom slides in different styles and color options? Do you just want to place minimum orders? Do you want high-quality slides with logos and artwork embossed on the straps? Well, you’ve arrived at the right destination.

At Authentic Manufacturing, we produce high-quality custom slides designed with 100% PVC, which will last longer, has a cushioned material, and waterproof with unlimited colors and prints as you need. Our eco-friendly recycled PVC, sturdy material outside/inside, machine washable, and soft-cushioned items are something that sets us apart from the rest – Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

No Order Minimums, Just Great Prices!

We understand that some clients don’t want to hoard more items than they need. That’s why we accept orders of 20 pieces per design to complete the minimum of 60 pairs in total. We make slides for everyone, including sports teams, large businesses, or individuals. Whether you want prints grooved on soles, a variety of color options, 100 pairs (minimum) of Velcro slides, or special mold for each strap size for the 3D effect, we’ve got all your needs covered – Unbeatable Prices and Faster Turnaround Time!

Each sample of custom slides is manufactured in our factory under strict supervision and quality workmanship. We also accept rush orders by request and get it delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Place your order for bulk custom slides now to grab the best deals!