We do not have set price lists for our wholesale and custom wholesale orders, because every client wants something completely unique.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Generally we encourage our clients to order 100 pieces per design, but in some cases can make exceptions for smaller custom orders.

Starting prices for some common products (without shipping) we manufacture are as follows:

Hats: $8+ for 100 pieces or $18+ for 30 pieces

T-shirts: $6+ for 100 pieces

Slides (sliders): $9 + for 100 pieces or $13+ for 60 pieces

Bikinis: $10+ per piece for 100 pieces or $15+ for 50 pieces

Leggings: $14+ for 100 pieces

Fanny packs: $8+ for 100 pieces

Socks: $8+ for 100 pieces

Hoodies: $17+ for 100 pieces

Joggers: $17+ for 100 pieces

Other custom products, such as backpacks, dresses, gymwear, lingerie, etc. have variable pricing based on customer specifications.


For a quote, please fill-out our quote form here. The price will depend on your budget per piece, quantity, and design details (tech pack). The higher your quantity, the lower your price will be. The higher your budget per piece, the longer your product will last, because we will be able to use higher quality fabric.

Price Matching

Since we are factory-direct, we can guarantee the lowest price for any quality level that is needed. We will also price-match proven quality manufacturers like us.