2 Most Common Problems with Clothing Manufacturers

2 most common problems in clothing manufacturing

We hear a lot of complaints about different clothing manufacturers around the world.  The most common complaint is that they take too long or their quality is bad.  Here are some ways to alleviate these issues.

Issue 1: Your manufacturer takes too long to make your product.

What is it?

This is incredibly common with overseas manufacturers.  The reason for this is usually that they will produce larger orders from other clients before they produce yours.  Keep in mind that you are not the priority of a factory even if you pay them if you are only offering them a small “minimum” order.

How to fix it

Tell your factory you need your order for an event.  Give them a hard deadline date that you need your order by.  If they miss that date, they still may not give you a refund, but the likelihood of them pushing production is much higher.  There is also the option of having a contract with a delivery or production finish date.  However most manufacturers will not consider this unless you are placing a large order.

Issue 2: The Quality is Bad

What is it?

Most manufacturers in Asia have a different idea of what “quality” means than you do.  If you tell a factory you want “cotton t-shirts”, they are likely going to cut costs and give you the thinnest possible t-shirt in an Asian fit (generally 2 sizes smaller than a U.S. fit).

How to fix it

Send them a physical sample of the garment you want.  Go to a local shop or send one from your closet (preferably in new condition).  If the manufacturer is professional, they will be able to copy the fabric and fit of this garment.  It’s really hard for factories to eyeball designs from a picture in terms of size.  Don’t even risk it!

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