Estimated Pricing
100 hats - $8.99+
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-In special cases we can make smaller orders, but the prices will be higher. For example, 30 hats cost $14.99+ and 50 hats cost $11.99+. Prices include one front logo, adittional logos $0.50 each
-We can make hats from any fabric imaginable, including wool, organic cotton, polyester twill, snakeskin, leather, etc. Fabrics are ordered according to client request (price may vary based on request)
-Turnaround time is 3-5 weeks. These are custom-made from scratch. Also add labels, tags, printing, etc.
-Hang Tags-$99 (flat fee for 500 labels). Woven Labels-$50 (flat fee for 500 labels)
-Air Shipping is $1.19 per piece. E.G. 100 hats shipping costs $119.

Our factories also work with some of the world's premier brands, including...

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