What do we offer?

Important info to know before ordering!

We know this is a long, but it is important to read before we do business together.

Here are a few things you should know about our company before we get started.

1. Exclusivity

We are very picky about the customers we chose to work with.  If your brand shows potential for long term growth, you will be a great fit for us.

2. American-owned 

We are the only low MOQ American-owned apparel manufacturer in China and Vietnam.  This means that we specialize in American and European quality, but our pricing is much cheaper, since our labor costs are lower.  

It is not possible to make the type of things that we make in America, due to labor costs.  As much as we would like to claim “American-made”, it is simply not possible.  However, we do suggest that you brand your labels as “designed in the U.S.A.” or “Europe”

Other suppliers who claim to be “American-made” are still buying their fabric from overseas.  Please keep in mind that this is only a marketing tactic.

3.  Price Matching

We will price-match high quality suppliers, but not cheap Chinese suppliers. We do not have set price charts, because every order is completely custom.  However, we will  work with your budget and choose materials appropriate for it.    The prices will depend on your exact design specifications, budget, and quantity.  

4. Minimums (MOQ)

Please keep in mind that our minimums are usually about 100 pieces in order to make sure your price per unit is the best in the industry.  In some casis, we can offer 50 per style for clothing and 10 per style for headwear.  If the design is complicated, the minimum may be higher.  

5. Copyright and Trademark Protection

Since, we are an American company (Uniq Customs LLC.) we operate under American laws, which means that we are not allowed to manufacture your goods without your consent.  We also will not share your designs with other individuals or companies.

We are always willing to sign NDA’s if you provide us the paperwork.  Rest assured that we have been in this business for 10 years and will not steal your ideas or designs.

Many Chinese and other foreign factories have been known to produce their customers’ designs without their consent and sell them off as “A Grade Variants” (This happened to us).  

This is something we will never do.  We would not be in business for 10 years if we did.  If you are currently using a Chinese-owned factory, please take note of this.


You are always welcome to purchase some samples from our stock room.  All samples are a size U.S. Medium.  These are usually garments that have small defects, which is why we keep them at our factory, rather than sending them to our customers.  There are commonly lose threads or incorrect prints, but it will give you an idea of what our factory can do for your brand.  Defects, such as lose stitching or incorrect sizing will be fixed on a full order.  The samples we have available in our stock room are only the ones that did not pass quality control, thus were not sent to the customer.  There are usually no labels or tags on these samples, because we have signed NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) with most of our larger clients.  For example, if we have manufactured for Adidas, we can’t exactly reveal that explicitly at the risk of losing their business.  

If you would like a custom sample made with your specifications, we must ask for a deposit.  This deposit can be anywhere from $50-$5000 depending on what you want us to make.  We review this on a case-by-case basis.

7.Turnaround Time

This varies greatly based on your specifications.  For most designs, the turnaround time for a sample is 1-3 weeks.  The bulk order will take about 3-5 weeks.  Please allow a week for any shipping.  There are some public holidays in China, which are not observed in other countries.  During this time, production will be paused.

8. Our location

Our head office is in Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.A.  Our American-owned factory is in Guangdong, China.  This is the only American-owned factory in that region.  It allows us to make some amazing things that we couldn’t make in the U.S.

9. Payment Terms

Please keep in mind that you are paying an American company.  If we fail to deliver the goods that we have agreed to make for you, properly, we are liable under U.S. law.  This is a very unique manufacturing safeguard that protects you.

Payment terms depend on your deadline to receive the order.

Deadline within 6 weeks:

For start-up and small brands (Currently selling 500 or less items per year):

We kindly ask for a 50% deposit upfront.  This will be refunded if we cannot make your item.  We will start with a  sample, if this is a new design.  If the sample is made incorrectly, we will re-make it or fix major defects for the bulk order.  The final 50% will be paid after you approve the product, before we ship it to you.  

In some cases we can offers samples, but in most cases there will need to be a 50% upfront deposit for us to start working.  This is due to the fact that we must purchase raw materials in bulk (we do not mark up the cost).  Also, we must prioritize customers who are willing to commit to the full order.  

For established brands (selling more than 500 items per year):

If you are a well established brand, we may offer to make you a sample without the need for a 50% deposit.  However, if you are a small brand, we need you to commit with a 50% deposit.  We have a very long and well established reputation in manufacturing.  We need to make sure that you have the budget to pay a 50% deposit if you are a small brand.  

Simple sample orders may be possible if you do not have a deadline within 6 weeks. Please be aware that samples significantly delay the full order.

Here is what we would like to kindly request from you in order to make your items professionally:


In order to make your goods professionally, we would like to kindly request that you have a Tech Pack made for each product you would like to make. 

A Tech Pack is a set of documents created by a designer with instructions which the manufacturer (us) needs to turn the design into a product.  Here is some detailed information on what a tech pack is. 

Making a tech pack is actually quite easy, but if you need some help, there are many freelancers that can make one for you for under $20.  Please check these tech pack makers to find them.

Once this is finished, please fill-out our quote form at www.customsnapbacks.co/quote.  I will respond directly to you personally.  Please also make sure that all of your logos are clear high resolution AI or PDF files.

I know this seems like a lot of work, but it’s necessary to make your products correctly.  Other manufacturers may accept the designs as you sent them, but they won’t make the garments correctly.  You need to put in the work on the tech pack.  We will take care of you on the manufacturing side!

Feel free to email me back if you have any questions!